Kevin Tallon

Kevin Tallon

Kevin Tallon Graduated from Central Saint Martins BA menswear design with a ;irst class honour and has worked in the fashion industry during the past 20 years. By having bene;ited from experience on both the professional and educational sides of the industry; Kevin believes education in the future must blend seamlessly industry needs and educational requirements so that students are better prepared to face the realities of the art and design industries. Kevin has published six textbooks about fashion design and trends and has delivered many seminars and workshops focused on creativity and professional art and design training.

Kevin’s role at Central Saint Martins Design Laboratory, has given him great opportunities to work closely with students and professionals alike since its core mission is to act as a bridge between academia and industry, whilst incubating talent. During this period, he also taught on the world famous BA fashion design Menswear and womenswear course. In 2010, Kevin moved to China working as a Design Director and to be part of the 21st century rapidly emerging power-house nation with all the opportunities and challenges that entailed.

Bene;iting from a wealth of ;irst hand experience and the ability to understand Chinese creative minds and infuse western educational standards. From 2014, Kevin was consulting Chinese fashion companies and leading BACA’s fashion design course.

Since September 2018 Kevin is Baca’s course director, in this new roles he hopes to bring his experience and expertise to all Baca courses and infuse them with core values and methodologies developed over the years.

“Studying in the UK or USA at BA level is becoming more challenging for Chinese students recently. Baca’s courses helps aspiring students get a better understanding of western creative education and equip them with the right skills and mind set to move onto a BA level.”

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